Top Trending Internet Slang Acronyms and Usages

Internet slang : Hope you know what does internet slang mean , these are some generally used words or combination of letters which are use to convey the messages without any delay in the messages . These internet slang are very useful and helps us to send the messages very very fast. Everyone these days are good with these internet slang. In this article we will try to know the most used internet slang and there acronyms and the usage of the internet slang usage .

Top Internet Slang Acronyms and Usages :

SMH : Shaking my Head

Usage : We got a good site reference to make you learn about SMH meaning

LOL : Laugh out Louder

Usage : Used as the expression of Laughing

BTW: By the Way

Usage : By the Way

WTF : What the F**k

Usage : in the  irritating situations

ROFL : Roll on floor Laughing

Usage : No able to control laugh and then used this expression

BAE: Before anyone else

Usage : Before some one as done you can do it … and ask some one to do the thing

Learn What does SMH means

AMA: Ask me anything

Usage : Inviting someone to questions

DAE : Does anyone else

Usage : Asking for someone present over to know do anyone know

ASAP : As soon as possible

Usage : To ask someone to complete the thing as fast as possible

Dafaq : What the Fu*K

Usage : Used in irritating situations

ELI5 : Explain Like i am

Usage : I ou are not able t understand something which you are really interested to know …

DM : Direct message

Usage : Mostly used in Twitter

PM : Private Message

Usage : used to ask some one to message them to you , mostly used in Facebook

IB : Inbox

Usage : Inbox short form

TQ : Thank you

Usage : Short form of Thank you

FML :  Fuck my Life

Usage : If any one irritates you and you say that

FTFY : Fixed that for you

Usage : Use to say that you have fixed something for them